DAY 7: Looking back at the Demonstrations   2 comments

The news media estimate more than 100,000 demonstrators during last Friday and Saturday’s marches. I attended the march on Saturday, and my view from my soaking wet feet was of a wonderful selection of humanity protesting the lack of action on climate change. The march went from Kelvingrove Park to Glasgow Green, more than two miles that took more than two hours to traverse. The crowd was enormous, despite off and on rain and wind and gloomy skies. I was proud to be a tiny part of march that for which many people obviously invested a great deal of time and thought into. Imagine that many people protecting in a city of hardly more than 500,000 people on a chilly, windy, wet November Day.

The signs were diverse, witty, forceful, angry, and more. A child carried a sign that read, “Sorry I didn’t tidy my room, I’ve been busy saving the planet.” There were many indigenous groups, groups from less development countries, educational institutions, spiritual communities, and much more. I was happy to be joined by my AirBnB host, Linsay, and her mother, Eileen, at Glasgow Green. Thanks to everyone for showing up. The best way I can communicate what it was like is post below some photos and videos. Enjoy!

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2 responses to “DAY 7: Looking back at the Demonstrations

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  1. do you know who made all the cloth art on the fence? That was a LOT of work! It gives us a sense of the determination of the climate defenders!

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